Document Format, Prices & Ekomi

New Document Format:

We have now introduced a brand new format/layout for our adult deed poll documents. The changes to the existing format have been implemented to improve the appearance of the documents, and make them even easier for our clients to sign (execute).

Price Update:

As of 25th April 2012 our pricing structure is as follows:

Online Orders – £15 per person

Telephone Orders – £20 per person

Postal Orders – £25 per person

‘In Person’ Orders (at our office, by appointment) – £45 per person


Following the closure of RatePoint, our former review management platform, we have now implemented a new system called Ekomi. Ekomi gathers real feedback from our clients and displays it directly on our site, we appreciate the positive reviews we have received so far and look forward to receiving many more in the future.

The Cost of a Deed Poll

A quick search on the Internet for the key phrase ‘deed poll’ will return a list of dozens of different websites, all offering deed poll documentation at varying prices. Phoning around a few High Street Solicitors for quotes will result in further varying price points.

So you could easily end up being faced with a choice of paying anywhere from around £10 to £300 for a deed poll document.

Which is why many people ask: “why all the different prices?”. The fact is a deed poll document is literally just text on paper, so the material costs, even when using high quality paper, are very low.

This means that it’s entirely possible to offer deed poll documents for a low price and still make a profit. For example, we charge £15 because we feel it is a fair price and one which allows us to operate our business in a profitable manner.

Some may charge more, and often the adage ‘you get what you pay’ is applicable to many goods or services. But if that were true with deed poll documentation, then it would only be advisable to go through a law firm charging £300 or more.

Clearly, in this instance, the firm charging £300 isn’t providing any more than the firm charging £75, who is equally not providing any more than the online company charging £33, who is not providing any more than the company charging £15.

In the above scenario the most important thing is that all of the quotes have come from reputable companies/firms. Which is afterall the most important thing, because at the end-of-the-day, a scam company could charge £100 and not deliver the paperwork, whereas a highly reputable firm could charge much less, and yet provide a first class service.

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