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Is my choice of name restricted?

You can change your name to almost anything you like, so long as your intent is not to defraud or deceive. However, we will not accept applications with new names that do not include at least one first name and one surname. In addition, applications will not be accepted for names that:

  • Are impossible to pronounce
  • Contain symbols or numbers
  • Contain punctuation, other than hyphens and apostrophes
  • May lead people to believe you have a title i.e. Lord, Lady, Doctor etc
  • Contain offensive and or racist content

If you hold a PhD, you're a doctor or a dentist, and wish to change your title from Mr to Dr, then please either email/fax us a copy of your PhD certificate or enter your GMC/GDC number when submitting your application.

N.B. we impose these restrictions because they are inline with HM Passport Office policy re: names they will permit on a British Passport. It should be noted that, additionally, HM Passport Office will not accept a name which they deem to be frivolous or where they believe the name is not going to be used for all purposes, please bear this in mind when choosing your new name.

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