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Name Change in Scotland

If your or your child's birth was registered in Scotland, then in addition to being able to change your name by Deed Poll, you can also apply to the General Register Office (GRO) for Scotland for a replacement birth certificate in your chosen new name.

Unlike in the rest of the UK, people born in Scotland can have their birth certificate re-issued by the GRO for Scotland. This means that their replacement birth certificate (showing their new name) will be sufficient legal or 'documentary' evidence for the passport Office, banks etc to update their own records.

The cost of applying to the GRO for Scotland for a replacement birth certificate in a new name is £36 for the order and £13 to have the new birth certificate printed. There are also certain rules and restrictions on how many times a name can be changed and when.

However, because of the relatively high cost (£49 in total) and the restrictions imposed, many Scottish residents still choose to change their names by Deed Poll.

In summary, which ever method you choose, either the new birth certificate or your Deed Poll document will allow you to subsequently change your name on all of your official documents and records.

If you would like to apply for a Deed Poll to change your name and or title it is straightforward and you can do so by completing the Adult order form on our website (total cost £33).

Alternatively please visit if you would like to apply for a replacement birth certificate to change your name (total cost £49).

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