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Should I travel whilst changing my name?

When changing your name you will need to apply to the HM Passport Office for a new passport in your new name. When they receive your request and issue a new passport they will cancel your old one.

Therefore, if you have travelled out on your old passport, and you have also submitted a passport renewal application prior to travelling, then you may find you're unable to travel back if your old Passport has been cancelled whilst you're away.

Furthermore, you may find that some airlines will charge for, or not allow the amendment of names on flight bookings (due to security implications). This could cause problems if you have changed the name on your passport and then find you are unable to change your flight booking.

We would recommend that you submit your passport renewal application after you return, or do so early enough to ensure that you will have your new Passport before you leave, remember to check first to ensure that your flight booking can be amended.

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