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Who can order a Deed Poll?

Age Requirement

You must be aged 16 or over to order a Deed Poll. If you wish to change the name of a child, under the age of 16, then someone who has parental responsibility for the child must place the order. Where that person does not have sole parental responsibility for the child then all concerned parties must give consent. Please click here for more information on child name change.

Nationality/Country of Residence

British Citizens:

If you are a British citizen and live in the UK then you may order a Deed Poll and there are currently no restrictions, providing the new name change is not sought to deceive or defraud.

Please note the Jersey Passport Office will require British citizens living in the Bailiwick of Jersey to have the signing of their Deed Poll witnessed by a solicitor or notary public (for details of local notary public please see:

If you are a British citizen but live outside the UK then we recommend you consult your local British Embassy as some embassies impose conditions on the use of Deed Polls i.e. the signing may need to be witnessed by a solicitor.

Foreign Nationals

If you are a foreign national living in the UK then you may be able to use your Deed Poll as documentary evidence of your name change but you are advised to check with your country’s Embassy to see if any special conditions will be imposed, i.e. in some cases you may need to have the signing witnessed by a solicitor or your Deed Poll may need to be legalised.

If you are a foreign national and live outside of the UK then a Deed Poll supplied by us will have no official use unless the British Embassy has specifically asked you to obtain one, for example if you are trying to obtain British citizenship but wish your passport to be in a new name.

Assylum Seakers/Refugees:

The UK Border Agency will accept Deed Polls from asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK as documentary evidence of their name change.

Undischarged Bankrupts

If you are an undischarged bankrupt you may still change your name; if you are self-employed and trade under your own name then you must let your customers know your previous name. You must also notify the official receiver who is dealing with your bankruptcy.

Criminal Records

If you have a criminal record then you are still allow to change your name, but if you have active criminal investigations against you then you must notify the police (and your probation officer, if applicable) of your name change. You must also notify the police of your name change, within 14 days, if you are on the Sex Offenders Register.

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