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Why do I need a Deed Poll?

The purpose of a Deed Poll is to allow a British Citizen, aged 16 or over, to change their name, or so that a parent may change the name if their child. A Deed Poll constitutes what is known as 'documentary evidence' of a name change.

Documentary evidence of a change in name can also be by way of a marriage certificate. This documentary evidence, in this case a Deed Poll, is required by UK companies and organisations to make your name change official. Your name change can then be updated on all records i.e. your bank account and passport.

You can use a Deed Poll from us to change your surname, forename, add or remove a middle name and re-arrange existing names.

It is not possible to change your birth, marriage, decree absolute, civil partnership or educational certificates because they are classed as historical records. Please click here for more information relating to changing the name on a birth certificate.

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