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Every Name Change Tells a Story, What's YOURS?

Behind every change of name there is a personal story, an individual journey that has led that person to want to be known by a different name. Perhaps starting a brand new life together with a new partner, a bitter family resentment and disassociation from parents, or a troubled marriage ending in divorce has prompted the name change. Maybe a new career in show biz beckons. These and many other scenarios have all been sited as reasons for wanting to change a name.

And behind every story the family and friends of people who have elected to change their names by deed poll will have been affected by and reacted to the decision of their family member to want to be known by a different name. It can be a troubling and unsettling time as different people give their opinions as to why you should or should not change your name. At The UK Deed Poll Office (London) Ltd we understand that the journey to changing your name can be an emotional one at times and we are ready to help you with the benefit of the experience we have gained with the many clients that have entrusted the smooth transition of their name change to us. Whether your name change represents a triumph or celebration in your life or whether it is for a less joyous reason, we will be with you to help and advise and make sure that everything goes a smoothly as possible.

Ellen's Story

When I met Graham I was still married. My ex partner was determined that he would make the divorce as difficult as he could and I knew that he was going to drag it out as much as he could. We had no choice but to let him take his time. Pushing looked as though we were desperate and I knew that would make him dig his heels in even more.

Graham and I had decided that we wanted to get married when my divorce came through and we moved in together. But it bothered us both that I was still called by my ex’s surname. That was when I decided that I would change my name to Grahams by deed poll! I looked into what was involved and then went ahead online. I found the whole process very straight forward and much less hassle than I thought. After all once the divorce came through we would be getting married anyway. I went ahead and changed my name and both Graham and I were happy to let my ex take his sweet time to finalise the divorce. It has come through now although it went on for more than three years and Graham and I plan to marry in the autumn. I am very pleased that I took the decision to change my name by deed poll, it really did take the pressure off us and made life a lot easier.

Jack's Story

My dad left mum and we three kids when I was about eleven. I can remember it was a very difficult time and mum cried a lot. I was the oldest and I felt as though I had been left in charge. Then one night when I was about 14 dad came back and broke in and there was a terrible fight between him and mum. I tried to stop him but he just pushed me aside. He was a big man and by the time he ran out of the house mum had collapsed, and shaking from head to toe with fear, I rang for an ambulance. She had to go to hospital but luckily none of her injuries were too serious.

Mum had gone back to using her maiden name, Jeffries, after dad left and I remember thinking that I would love to be called that too. I really did not want anything to do with dad or his name after what had happened. I was 19 when I finally got around to actually changing my name by deed poll to Jeffries. It felt good not to be called by my father's name anymore. My sisters would get a name change in time when they got married but I was pleased that I had taken the decision to take on mum’s maiden name. It has helped to put the past behind me.

Ossie's Story

There was always quite a lot of opposition to my changing my name at home. I thought about just adopting a stage name for my band but I decided that I wanted a change that would be permanent and would be more in keeping with the life I had chosen. After all Kevin Bottomly might be all right for the local building society manager but it really did not cut it for a rock musician. Our group - Glass Ceiling got quite popular quite quickly. We had a few lucky breaks fronting other bigger bands and getting a whole bunch of followers on YouTube. Once the talk of being signed by one of the big labels started I was more certain than ever that I needed to change my name. I chose Ossie Shard as my new name, not too outlandish but with a good reference to the Glass part of our band name I thought.

I have no regrets at all about my new name although of course the oldies at home still insist on calling me Kevin!

Lydia and Family

MY STORY: Lydia Jerome >>

I am 24 and me and my partner have been together 7 years and have 3 beautiful daughters together.

We have been engaged for 6 years but as we have 3 young children I am unable to work and I don't see the point of spending thousands of pounds on a wedding day just to receive a piece of paper when all I want is to have the same surname as my partner and children, as when they are at school I don't want the awkward questions my children ask as to why I'm not mummy jerome like daddy.

I would much rather spend my money on holidays and treats for my children that's why I was overjoyed when my friend told me I can simply just come on this site and change my name for a small affordable fee of 15 pound, with no hassle or stress of planning and paying for a wedding. Thankyou this was a godsend and has made my family life complete.

Redferd Foxmenn

MY STORY: Redferd Foxmenn <<

I was born in Mauritius which is diverse in culture, Indian, Chinese, African and European. Unfortunately my country has a horrible history of slavery since the mid 1700's and more than likely anyone who is from Mauritius has ancestors that were slaves as there were no indigenous people when the Dutch first arrived. It was common for slaves to be named after their masters, thus my name Minerve, being french, was my ancestors slave masters name, although there was a French Frigate called 'Minerve' which could have possibly been carrying a cargo of slaves where all or some of them were named Minerve, though I cannot be 100% sure.

Though I cannot say if my ancestors produced any offspring from their master, my surname is of slave origin. I cannot change history, but I can sever the historical tie by changing my name. Also due the inter breeding during slavery of all the cultures I named earlier, I am known as 'Red Boned'. Thus I chose a name to reflect this in my first name Redferd and because I like foxes I chose Foxmenn as my surname.

Hollie Nichols

MY STORY: Hollie Nichols >>

The reason I changed my name was to make my stepdad proud by taking his last name. He has been there for me since I was little and has always been the dad to me that I never really had. Changing my name has really made me feel like our family is now one unit and that I can now call him 'dad'.

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We know that behind every name change there is a unique and personal story and we would love to hear your story so that we can share it, via our website, with others who are thinking about changing their name by deed poll. Send us your story and recent picture and if we publish it on our website then we’ll send you £20 in John Lewis vouchers (or pay £20 cash into your bank account).

*The accounts of Ellen, Jack and Ossie are fictional dramatisations of real life scenarios. All client reports are genuine stories, sent in by past clients who have given their permission for their story/photo to be published on our website.

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