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Child Application form

Child Application Form (Age 15 or under)- Cost £15 inc VAT.

Please complete the application form below with your child's details. N.B. if you have Joint Parental Responsibility (please see the guide at the bottom of this form if you're unsure), then you must enter both of your names on the application form because the deed poll documentation - which we will send to you by post - will need to be signed by both parents.

Once we have received the form we will then be able to release your child's stamped legal UK Deed Poll paperwork. The paperwork will be professionally presented and printed on our official security paper (plus any extra legal copies ordered) and sent by first class post.

Plus, you will also receive printed, easy to follow instructions for how to sign your child's Deed Poll paperwork, list of 'common places to notify', guides to informing Government Departments and other organisations that you have changed your child's name, and covering letter template.

N.B. Legally you can change any part or all of your child's name, including fore, middle and surnames.

Section 1 - Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian

Your name will appear on your child's Deed Poll as the person changing your child's name. If you need to include the name of another parent or legal guardian, you can do so below by selecting 'Yes'.

Please enter your full name. Your name will appear on your child's Deed Poll as the person changing your child's name.
Add Name of 2nd Parent or Legal Guardian
Please enter their full name. Their name will also appear on your child's Deed Poll.

Section 2 - Child's Current Name

Please enter your child's current name in full including forenames and surnames, not just the names you want to change.

Enter your child's current forenames (including any middle names).
Enter your child's current surname.

Section 3 - Child's New Name

Please enter the new name you have chosen for your child, including forenames and surnames, not just the names you want to change.

Enter your child's new forenames (including any middle names).
Enter your child's new surname.

Section 4 - Date of Birth & Nationality

Date of Birth*
Enter your child's date of birth
Enter your child's nationality.

Section 5 - Home Address

Please enter your home address including postcode.

Section 6 - Contact Details

Enter your email address to receive an email confirmation.
Enter your telephone number.

Section 7 - Parental Responsibility eDeclaration

N.B. everyone with Parental Responsibility (PR) i.e. the mother and or father must consent to the name change. If you are unsure if the father also has Parental Responsibility then please see the 'PR Quick Guide' below.

Before we can process your child's Deed Poll, you will need to confirm your acceptance of this Parental Responsibility eDeclaration by selecting ‘Yes’ below.

By accepting this declaration you hereby confirm that you have understood the above, and that you wish to proceed on the basis that you have sole parental responsibility for the child named on this application, or that you share joint parental responsibility and the other parent/guardian(s) fully agree to the name change. Note this still applies even if the other parent is absent or his/her whereabouts are unknown.

I have read and agree to the above.*

Parental Responsibility (PR) Quick Guide:

Consent must be obtained from all those with PR. The mother always has PR, the father will also have PR if:

England & Wales: Married to the mother at any time after birth, or named on the birth certificate from 1st December 2003.

Northern Ireland: Married to the mother at birth, or named on the birth certificate from 15th April 2002.

Scotland: Married to the mother at any time after birth, or named on the birth certificate from 4th May 2006.

N.B. if both parents have PR, but consent from one of them cannot be obtained, then please click here and read the "Notes" section.

Section 8 - Duplicate Legal Copies

Government departments, financial institutions and most other companies, will not accept a photocopy of your child's Deed Poll, so we highly recommend that you order a sufficient number of duplicate legal copies to enable you to notify all applicable record holders of your child's new name in a timely and efficient manner, for example: school, GP, bank, tax credits, HM Passport Office etc

Please select how many extra legal copies you require - we recommend six copies.

Section 9 - DigitalArchive™

We recommend that you select our DigitalArchive™ service just in case you need to order further legal copies of your child's Deed Poll at a later date (i.e. you lose his/her documentation). If you select this option, we will permanently store your child's Deed Poll in our encrypted, secure archive so that you can easily order extra copies of your child's Deed Poll via our Client Support System, without having to reapply.

N.B. if you do not opt for our DigitalArchive™ service then you will not be able to request further legal copies in the future.

Section 10 - Postage & Packing

Standard First Class postage is included in the price.

Select Postage Method*

Section 11 - Payment Method

Please select how you would like to pay. We accept Visa, Visa Debit & Mastercard, we also accept PayPal, cheques and postal orders. If you are paying by Credit/Debit Card then please enter your card details in section 11 below.

Select Payment Method*

Section 12 - Credit/Debit Card Details

This is a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment

The name as it appears on your card.

The 16 digits on the front of your credit/debit card.
Expiration Date*
The date your card expires. Find this on the front of your credit/debit card.
The last 3 digits displayed on the back of your credit/debit card.

Total Cost - Includes VAT and Postage

Please double-check that you have entered your details correctly before you click the submit button below.

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